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Legal English Courses
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

An excellent opportunity for lawyers, law students, judges, officials & professional interpreters who wish to work with Canadian lawyers to improve their legal English language skills!

1. Introductory Legal English

Minimum English Proficiency: Upper Intermediate

Minimum Age: 20 years old

Maximum Class Size: 6 students

Course Length: 2 weeks

Course Objectives:
An intensive course designed and taught by local practicing lawyers with teaching experience. In this course, you will learn to:
Understand the essential concepts underlying the Common Law

  • Interpret and understand legal documents in English
  • Write better letters, opinions, contracts and other legal documents in English
  • Expand your legal English vocabulary, especially for commercial law
  • Speak effectively in English about legal matters
  • Access English-language legal websites

Course Structure:
Morning classes are held from 9:00am until 1:00pm. Each class covers a particular topic, and readings for each topic are assigned the previous day. The class is highly interactive, and the teacher draws upon the readings, recent cases, and their personal legal experience to illustrate key concepts. Students are expected to read the assigned readings, learn the new vocabulary, discuss the topics presented in class, and do the legal writing exercises.

Afternoon activities generally include some lunches and other activities with Vancouver practicing lawyers, visits to Vancouver law firms, a visit to the Vancouver Courthouse, and some local sightseeing. Our goal is to give our students many chances to meet local lawyers and put the classroom lessons into practice! The exact activities will vary from program to program, according to availability and the season.

Course Dates 2002:

  • August 12 – 23
  • September 16 – 27
  • October 14 – 25
  • November 18 – 29

Course Dates 2003:

  • January 13 -24
  • January 27 – February 7
  • February 10 – 21
  • March 3 – 14
  • March 31 – April 11
  • April 28 – May 9
  • May 26 – June 6
  • June 30 – July 11
  • July 21 – August 1
  • Aug 11 – 22

2. Legal English for International Commercial Transactions

Minimum English Proficiency: Advanced, OR successful completion of Introductory Legal English

Minimum Age: 20 years old

Maximum Class Size: 8 students

Course Length: 2 weeks

Course Objectives:
This intensive course is designed and taught by Barbara Beveridge, a local lawyer with many years of experience teaching this course to international lawyers. This course focuses specifically on the legal English used in international commercial transactions, and will teach you to:

  • Expand your legal English commercial vocabulary
  • Analyze the language and terms of English-language Common Law contracts
  • Understand the different types of contracts for international transactions, including franchises, agency agreements, distribution agreements, licensing, and joint ventures
  • Draft contracts in English
  • Advise international clients on local law, both orally and in writing

Course Structure:
Morning classes are held from 9:00am until 1:00pm. Each class covers a particular topic. Students are given reading and writing assignments each day, and are required to complete them. During class time, the teacher introduces new concepts and vocabulary, and reviews the assignments with the students. Classes are interactive and intensive, encouraging students to develop both their oral and written legal English skills.

Afternoon activities are similar to those of the Introductory Legal English course, but with greater emphasis on meeting lawyers involved in international commercial transactions.

Course Dates 2002:

  • September 30 – October 11
  • October 28 – November 8
  • December 2 – 13

Course Dates 2003:

  • January 27 – February 7
  • March 17 – 28
  • May 12 – 23
  • July 14 – 25
  • August 25 – September 5



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